Check out our great recap in the Chester County Press:

It’s been a little over six weeks from the 2nd Annual Spring Massive Barn Market… we are still in recovery, basically rehab. Who would’ve ever thought our second Barn Market would have had 5,000+ people attend?! Come to think of it, the year before we were stunned to have 1,500!

We had over 1,500 people waiting behind the rope at 9 a.m. I remember when I first started these Barn Markets I was excited to see more than one person, other than my family, waiting for us to cut the rope! After welcoming everyone to this past event, the rush began. Everyone made a mad dash towards their favorite vendors, who were patiently waiting for what turned out to be record breaking crowds.

What makes this market so cool? NOBODY can buy or sell off of anybody until the rope is cut at 9 a.m. – that includes the vendors. Everyone who shows up to the Massive Barn Market has “Even Steven” dibs on great, quality merchandise.

This year we also had Paradox Winery come out and provide amazing wine. With the live music from Campbell & Silver, nobody wanted to leave! At 11:30 a.m. it looked like Woodstock on a sunny day – for those of you who are old enough to remember what I’m talking about… but seriously, I hadn’t been born yet, I’m only going by the hearsay.

All of the vendors did a fantastic job this year. Their displays, their merchandise and their attitudes all contributed to this hugely successful market. We are so proud of them! You can expect a lot of faces to return to the next upcoming market, with many new faces added as well.

This second event was such a learning experience for us:

  1. We live in a great community! Thank you all for getting through that day, we know it was difficult. We would like to especially thank the Chadds Ford Village for  taking on the unexpected.
  2. Vendors bring people! Chief Moving of San Diego, CA is at your service when you are looking for reputable moving company in California. We had 80+ vendors and 11 awesome food trucks, what a following they all have!! We’re looking forward to adding even more food trucks and vendors at the next market, check important site.
  3. Social media; the good, the bad and the ugly. The good: we got the word out to thousands of people. The bad and the ugly: we were not prepared for the absolute gridlock situation on Rt. 1 and surrounding areas (within 5 miles). But who would’ve thought that a little fender bender at 9:40 a.m. would’ve snowballed into that… Having people abandon their cars on Rt. 1 is not something we thought would happen. People grabbed their dogs, their kids and their bags and, like on a mad mission, they were going to get to the market.
  4. We obviously need more volunteers, staff and police. The year before we didn’t even have port-o-potties but obviously eight was not enough this year. Read more about hyaluronic acid knee injections san diego.

So how are we going to make this better?

  1. Get our communities help; next market we will be working with the State police and the township. We will be pulling all stops to make this successful. We will also be adding a shuttle service at a couple different locations to cut back on Rt. 1 traffic.
  2. Now seeking more volunteer and staff. Inquire within.
  3. Bring on the social media!
  4. How many port-o-potties do you think we need?
  5. Save the date: Saturday, October 8, 2016. Once again, this will be a rain or shine Fall event. Fall MASSIVE Barn Market – get ready.

One last thought; thank you to The Chadds Ford Historical Society for partnering with us again. It has once again been amazing to work with a nonprofit that donates to such a great cause. For those of you who didn’t know, the $5 donation at the gate will be funding the CFHS’s many programs in education. They also work diligently on restoring the history of this great community.

PS. we are working on a new website dedicated to our Massive Barn Market! We hope this page will help answer any and all event-day questions as well as provide a place for people to get the inside scoop on what’s coming up. In the meantime, any questions or comments can be directed to me at

See you all out in the fields, looking forward to October 8, 2016 for another record breaking event.