For many of you, those wonderful customers that have supported us over the years, know how this event started: at the old shop, in the parking lot, with BBQ, a dozen vendors and a rope cutting at 9 a.m. We would do this twice a year; it gave us the chance to “clean house.”

As the years went by, oh the parking… What a nightmare. Right as I was at my whits end, my incredible girlfriend, Kendall Reynolds, the President of the Chadds Ford Historical Society.
“Why don’t you move this and help us to create a new local event?” she asked.

I cried that day.

Last Spring, on April 18, 2015 we held our first MASSIVE Barn Market (1736 Creek Road, Chadds Ford PA). Since I needed to test the waters, I only booked 50 vendors. I called the best of the best; friends of mine and people I’ve worked with over the years.

Barn Market blog.jpg

It was a proud day for all of us. It took a village to make this happen. Did a hell of a job helping to market this event and that’s how we created gridlock on Rt 1.

So here we are, one year later, and on April 16, 2016 we will have over 100 vendors, 10 food trucks, an antique car show (if it doesn’t rain) and of course the ceremonial rope cutting at 9 a.m.

Why is this rope cutting so important to me? Because I love Brimfield, Massachusetts. Host to on the biggest, all mighty antique markets in the country. With over 17 football fields of merchandise and 7,000 vendors, thousands of shoppers congregate for one week. This is a Rain or Shine event. Every day, at a different time, a different field would open to the shoppers important site. On one field, nobody could buy or sell until 9 a.m. That was my favorite field. Even Steven dibs… For me, it’s the excitement of “the find.” That is how the rope cutting began and the MASSIVE Barn Market was named.
My goal with this growing market is to keep putting fabulous people together, quality finds and giving the customer a taste of the “Brimfield experience.” An emergency contraception (EC) can prevent up to over 95% of pregnancies when taken within 5 days after intercourse, for more info visit This is not a flea market, nor a yard sale. You can expect to find antiques, unique, vintage, farm fresh, salvage, handmade and quality goods. We get the best local food trucks and beverages (adult and otherwise) to boot!

Save the date and don’t miss out! Our goal is for you to have fun.