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With GREAT sadness…We REGRETFULLY inform you that this fall season#MASSIVEBARNMARKET on Oct 8th, 2016 has been CANCELLED at the#CHADDSFORDHISTORICALSOCIETY. This market is based upon a field that we LOVE in Brimfield, Mass. Where NOBODY is able to buy or sell, INCLUDING the vendors till the rope cutting at 9am. In April, as many of you can recall, our one day event had OVER 5000 people attend, and many more COULD NOT GET TO, the 2nd season MBM. We had the PERFECT STORM. BEAUTIFUL weather, FANTASTIC vendors, we added a winery, and even music. People from 5 states were DETERMINED to GET there. Visit move-central.com. We even raised 1000’s for a good cause. BUT, what we created was the WORST GRID LOCK since 1969 other than a Pumpkin Carve. Due to last seasons event, this particular MBM on 10/8 had SO MANY LOGISTICS to be IMPLEMENTED. Without a good execution, you the AWESOME customer, would NOT be getting the right experience. As well, the LAST thing we would want to do is negatively impact the community, and small business in the area, and BEYOND. With all this chaos, we had to make the timely call to CANCEL. With all due respect, PLEASE SHARE THIS…some marketing has been done maidthis.com. We DON’T WANT people to show up, and Wally World is CLOSED! TRUST us our friends, we ARE NOT GIVING up, but PREPARING for what is to come..the path the market DESERVES, MORE MASSIVE then EVER! Stay tuned visit website…and we LOOK FORWARD seeing you in the SPRING!!! Lisa, Brandywine View Antiques.

Fall 2016



Stay tuned for a list of our confirmed vendors!

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